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Better Together

Celebrating Service

Dog Teams


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Meet ordinary yet remarkable people living extraordinary lives with their service (assistance) dogs. Learn almost everything you ever wanted to know about service dogs from the pros—the people who live with them and love them. In this book you will find a community of people who are as passionate about improving the lives of people with disabilities as they are about loving dogs.


Through their stories and photographs, meet the service dogs with life-saving skills such as detecting low blood sugar, anticipating seizures and guiding those with vision loss. As the dogs open up worlds for their human partners, the team develops uniquely close and trusting bonds as both humans and dogs learn to function outside their usual parameters.


Truly they are better together - after all, lives depend on it!



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Susan Aune has been interested in photo-graphy and dogs since she was a child. How-ever, her photography had time to bloom only since she retired as a public health nurse a few years ago. She is an avid gardener, inside and out, often growing her photography subjects. When she is not tending plants, she can be found horseback riding on a trail or training her two dogs- an Italian Greyhound and a Cairn Terrier, in agility and nosework.

Professionally, Susan’s background in psychology, public health nursing, and training people to work with their horses and dogs provided an ideal background for this book. Personally, Susan’s parents provided a lifetime of inspiration through their interests in art and music.

Susan resides in St. Cloud, MN, with her dogs, Cara and Indi.

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Story Circle Book Reviews

Reviewing books for/by/about women

“I highly recommend her book. You won’t be disappointed!” 

~B. A.


“Check out this great book she wrote. Lovely, heart-moving stories perfect for the dog   lovers in your life.”



“While reading the book “Better Together,” I lingered over each photo and story. Chapter by chapter, I learned about service animals and training, but more importantly, how much people depend on their animals. It is hard work to maintain a lifelong team.

I stopped to imagine the daily challenges many face, unseen by passersby. My next personal encounter with a service animal and owner will be viewed with far more admiration and respect.

The stories show how service dogs provide companionship and security and build courage for their owners. Independence and safety are gifts affectionately swapped between the dog and its owner.

This book is one I intend to gift to friends and family.”  



“Good book! Very educational book. I learned so much about service dogs. A good book for anyone who loves dogs and their amazing abilities. Waiting for the sequel!”



“I truly love your book. Each story is uplifting and leaves me with a good feeling. I’m learning a lot about the animals and their training, their special relationships with their humans, and the many situations in which service dogs can be helpful.”



“....a very heartfelt book about service dog teams. Such meaningful stories.”  

~B. K.


“... it was really good. It was light reading but very thorough. I liked how you put each relationship in its own chapter. The pictures were great and made the reader feel like we knew the people and the dogs.”


Susan’s stories brought tears of joy. I learned so much about dogs helping with people with disabilities. Her book is informative, with heartwarming stories of their dogs and their journey. Loved it! Please write another with updates to the stories.


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